Ellis Nassour's Jesus Christ Superstar

Behind the Scenes of the Worldwide Musical Phenomenon

Applause Books 2024
Dedicated to Tim Rice
Andrew Lloyd Webber


"(The book) provides firsthand accounts of Superstar’s entire journey ... to its eventual development into a stage
production ... While plagued
[on Broadway] by religious protestors and fans begging cast members for miracles,
 ran on Broadway for two years and in the UK for eight years, followed by a film, three revivals, and a
recent live television production. 
VERDICT: Musical theater enthusiasts and Superstar devotees will appreciate
this candid perspective, the interviews with the show’s legends, and the stunning collection of
[color and B&W]

                                                  The Library Journal


"Entertainment writer Nassour (Honky Tonk Angel) offers an account of the genesis of the polarizing 1970s rock
Jesus Christ Superstar. Created by English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice, the
production grew out of the pair’s 1969 single 'Superstar' ... [on] its release, igniting 'a firestorm of protests' ...
Further controversy followed as  Rice and Lloyd Webber expanded the song into a double album (1970), a
Broadway show (1971), and film (1973) ... Rich with intriguing trivia (a pre-fame Bette Midler was nearly cast as
Mary Magdalene in the Broadway production) ... Devoted fans of the musical may want to take a look.
with hundreds of photos in color and B&W - many never before seen]"

                                            Publishers Weekly



"This book by one of the iconic great journalists, writers, PR front men, you-name-it, is a must purchase for people
who are interested in how a work of art is created. Ellis was there from the beginning through the film and details
how, through determination, chaos, and tribulations, genius emerged.. He excels in his interviews with the creatives.
The book, artfully written with no detail left on the floor. is a treasure!" 

                                             Adriana Trigiani, author of 17 best-sellers, and host of 
                                                        of Book of the Month Club's You Are What You Read telecasts


"The only thing that Ellis Nassour didn't include in his book about the creation of Jesus Christ Superstar is Jesus'
middle initial H. Once He read the book, I'm sure to the Holy Ghost and said, 'This'll make you want to come
back to life!' ... a thorough delight!"

                                                Peter Felichia, prolific author, playwright, and raconteur

"[The book is ] thoroughly researched from personal experience … Nassour. there through it all, excels at detailing the
behind-the-scenes chaotic goings on with intimate detail and sharp humor. Not everyone emerges unscathed [particularly
in the interview with blunt late costumer Randy Barcel
Ò ... There's amazing insight into Tim Rice's approach to the lyrics
and Andrew Lloyd Webber's damn-the-budget determination to see his vision emerge [even if some high notes were all-but-
impossible to deliver] ... Told in the third person except for a riveting first person sail through Broadway's Opening Night,
where Nassour provides a sequence-by- sequence rendering that puts puts readers in front row seats ... A worthy entry into
the ranks of entertainment books. Hundreds of B&W and color images."

                                                  The Telegram (UK)

"For anybody interested in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, this new book is a must-have. It gives fans and newbies a
front row center seat from the very beginning when young Brit lyricist Tim Rice and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber
conceived what was destined to become the single most important event in
entertainment history ... Nassour, with a winning,
clear style and lots of winks along the way, lets you in on just about that happened behind the scenes and, especially, backstage.
In fact, it's so jammed with info -- the good, bad, and ugly -- that not a single question is left unanswered. All is helped by a
stunning array of many never before seen B&W photos throughout the pages and a stunning 16 -page color album."

                                          WDSU TV, NBC, New Orleans 


"This is a masterful book, by a masterful writer. Ellis Nassour was there, right at the beginning -- from the rock opera,
concerts, and stage productions to the Norman Jewison film - and gives us an extraordinary insight into how the album and
show was created and how Jesus Christ
Superstar became one of the greatest-selling recordings of all time. It is filled with
memorabilia from Nassour's collection and dozens of B&W
candids and color shots from Broadway and the film. For anyone
interested in musical theater and film, this is the perfect reference book to read,
to gift."

                                                 Martin Wimbush, West End, TV, and screen actor



"(The book) in text and numerous photos details with finesse how Jesus Christ Superstar, from recording to stage to film, got
made.  If this your kind of meat, its done here without any overcoating,"  
                                                Readers Syndicate

"Ellis Nassour's 'Jesus Christ Superstar: The Book' is nothing short of extraordinary. With profound insight, meticulous
attention to detail, and humor, he invites readers on a journey into the heart of one of our most iconic recordings and stage
musicals. His rich storytelling from the beginning through the rock opera, concerts, stage productions, and the film shot in
Israel offers deep understanding of the characters through intimate, tell-all interviews that breathe new life into this timeless
tale. In addition, he finally reveals the secret behind Tom O'Horgan's controversial and fascinating Broadway staging ... It's
the perfect gift for fans old and new alike."

                                           Patrice Samara, producer, publisher, entrepreneur.and author, Trumph Communications Group



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